The 877DrainHelp Story – From Humble Beginnings!

877DrainHelp is here to support you and guide you toward your ultimate success as an entrepreneur and business owner in a multitude of
services & industries.

My Beginnings
When I was 13 years old, I took my first job in construction. That may sound young to some people, but I have always felt driven toward work.
There is no place that I am ever quite as comfortable as on a job site, pushing myself and exerting my energy toward one goal or another. That is simply the way that I am. When someone offered me a job, I was always eager to take on any task. I was 13 years old, and I never looked back.
Two years later, I started working in customer service. I learned all about the service business world and what it takes to leave people satisfied. Those were formative days for me, shaping me for the future that lay ahead. All these years later, I can recall the first time I learned many lessons in that customer service role. I vividly remember the experiences that taught me values that I hold dear to this day. I also worked in both union and non-union factories, which showed me that customer service was where my heart belonged. When I was 19, I started my first business, a carpet repair business in Dayton, OH. I also helped open two separate service franchises (Texarkana, TX and Sherman, TX).

Moving Forward…
Then, I started my own carpet cleaning, Fire & Water Restoration, air duct cleaning, landscaping, and handyman business within a short 10-year span. Along the way, I became an HVACR Licensed Contractor, in both Arkansas and Texas. I spent some time in Florida as well, offering my expertise as an entrepreneur and business consultant. I served the hotel industry, maid, and cleaning service industry, even doing some work in home health. While in Florida, I created an eco-friendly carpet cleaning company that as few as one employee could operate effectively.
Eventually, my girlfriend and I set our sights on Arkansas, thinking we were going to slow down and get a “normal” job after we had grown weary of the rat race. I took on a supervisory role at a large home improvement company, and that lasted for about two and a half years. I hated every moment of it, finally understanding why I had never been a fan of big corporations. While Arkansas was all well and beautiful, I felt like my business knowledge was going to waste – and the oversight was a bear after all the years I had spent making decisions for myself.

Our Next Steps…
Fortunately, I was not short on certifications, and my motivation levels had never been higher. I left my corporate position inspired to work harder than I had ever before and focused on making a mark wherever I went. Having my contractors License and HVACR Licence was not enough. I became an Energy Star partner, an ASHRAE member, and an InterNachi member, and I completed nearly fifty distinctive certifications, focusing on property inspections, indoor air quality for homes, businesses, and even schools, and Multiple EPA-run certification programs.
Those months were dizzying. I always felt productive, turning from one challenge to the next. As soon as I had finished one certification program, I was onto the next one. Although the work tired me out, I knew that I could look inside myself for virtually endless stores of energy. A voice from deep inside urged me onward, assuring me that no matter how hard I pushed myself, I could still go further. I was confident that I was on the right path, and before long, an idea came to me, striking me like a bolt of lightning and leaving me frenzied for the future.
Launching The 833HeFixedIt Business Platform
Several years later, I am finally working to launch my franchise concept –The 833HeFixedIt Business Platform. The goal at 833HeFixedIt is ambitious: to revolutionize the franchise world. Launching national campaigns for our branches (service areas), helping entrepreneurs like me, the ones who are hungry and yearning to make a difference.
Time and again, I have seen the frustrating pattern of people born with a silver spoon in their mouths, unwilling to put in an honest day’s work and getting by on their inheritances alone. This has always bothered me. Knowing that there is something I can do to change this situation, I feel obligated to do so. I want to help entrepreneurs that feel like they are spinning their wheels and can’t get ahead. So, for those who are willing to put in the necessary work to become successful and earn a respectable income with the help of 833HeFixedIt’s business platform, dreams will come true, one success story at a time.

Thirty Years in the Making…
Over the last thirty years, I have seen all the intricacies of entrepreneurship – the joys, the pitfalls, everything. I have seen what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, and I know how difficult it can be to find your way. You have two choices, of course. You can try to make it on your own, bootstrapping your business from beginning to end, or you can trust someone who has already been through the trenches. At 88833HeFixedIt, I am offering a plethora of knowledge and experience, saving you the trouble of navigating the complexities of owning and operating a business.
You know what your customers want out of you. They want a company that is affordable, friendly, and professional. These may sound like simple benchmarks, but they can sometimes become tough to deliver consistently. This is where 833HeFixedIt is here for you. We cover everything, from end-to-end with our 833HeFixedIt Business Platform for almost every type of service business.
Why try to make it up as you go along – when there is Business Platform you know that will help. We are the back-end to your service business, pointing you toward your ultimate success as an entrepreneur and business owner!

Mission Statement

Taking our time-tested business platform and decades of experience, we are turning the franchise world upside down. Our goal is to pioneer a multi service business model that is revolutionary with regards to affordability, reliability, technology, and service. 833HeFixedIt is more than just a franchising brand; it is a seismic shift in franchising consciousness.

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